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“Working with Lezah is supportive, safe, challenging and empowering. I develop strengths within myself that enable me to live a more creative, proactive lifestyle. I recommend Lezah wholeheartedly!”

JulieAshland, Oregon

The work we’ve done these last few months is more grounded than what I’ve experienced before. It’s what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for the gentle, honest, loving, lighthearted way you assist me. Thank you for your powerful insight, suggestions, and energetic sensitivity and healing.

Dana - Lincoln, Nebraska

Thank you for such an accurate, poignant and inspiring session. I have a lot to think about.

KaraGrand Rapids, Michigan

Lezah is a gifted healer. She gently and powerfully assists in unraveling and healing the twisted, knotted threads of my past. She sees and listens deeply; she offers respectful guidance. I am especially grateful for the help in building a strong relationship with myself and consequently with my teenage daughter.

Debbie - Taos, New Mexico

I have made more progress in one year working with Lezah than the last twenty trying to overcome consistent depression and other burdens. Our sessions are fascinating, meaningful, and deeply efficient. Lezah’s gift is to listen and guide me straight to the hidden heart of the matter. I am grateful to be growing once again.

Nikoletta - Santa Cruz, Ca

In Lezah’s sessions, I feel doors and windows opening; a fresh breeze of understanding flows into my mind and spirit. I gain increased awareness, guidance. The result of a session is having greater awareness of how to change my thought patterns, or issues. Her insights are instructive and essential to my personal growth.

Lynne - Savannah, Georgia

It was so great to connect clearly, quickly and easily throughout our session. Life feels better with my focus and freedom already. Thank you!

LauraKauai, Hawaii

Since our wonderful session I have been implementing some new helpful behaviors for myself. Today I sent myself a love note on email. I’m enjoying the idea of marrying myself first and then being a truly good friend to my feelings. Thank you so much for the awesome way you work!

Renee’ - Bellingham, Washington


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Jenny, a new client, was having trouble feeling grounded, secure or confident at work and at home. She talked about feeling spaced out along with a difficulty focusing her attention on achieving important accomplishments. She had deadlines at work and home goals that she was having trouble following through with and completing. Jenny was concerned. She wonders, “what’s wrong with me these days.”

Sam complained about being absent minded, dropping things, tripping over things, being startled frequently and generally feeling, to use his words, “not all there.”
Sam has noticed this for a few months. He can’t understand why he’s feeling this way, he has always felt competent and with a sports background, he always felt coordinated with quick reflexes. It’s becoming more than an annoyance for Sam, he’s worried about it.

Jenny and Sam have something in common. Both of them are not fully inside their own bodies. Like a hand in a glove, their energy body is not all the way inside their physical body, not all the way into their toes, heels, top of the head, not all the way into their fingers.

Sometimes when I see this with a client, I see their energy body falling behind as though it is leaning backwards outside their back, falling away from their head and shoulders. I’ve seen people’s energy bodies leaning to the side of their physical body, falling out of the top of their head pulling up out of their feet, and standing beside their physical body.

When we sleep, it is said, that we do travel outside our bodies but we come back before we awake. The question is what makes our energy body disconnect from our physical bodies when we aren’t asleep? What makes that happen and what are the consequences?

After looking at Jenny long enough in my minds eye, I saw that she wasn’t getting enough nutrition. I asked her if she was dieting or skipping meals. She said she had trouble taking the time needed to sit down to her meals. Being so busy, trying to get everything finished meant skipping meals, then eating sweets later on.

I could see that her brain wasn’t getting the nutrients it needs, thus the spaced out feeling Jenny complained of. The body knows when its energy body isn’t fueling it by its presence. When the energy body isn’t anchored in the physical form we lose focus, strength, clarity, motivation, a sense of security and more. The physical body thinks it’s going to die when it doesn’t get the fuel it requires; then it goes into a stress mode that can push the energy body outside of the physical.

Another issue Jenny had created by not eating the right foods, was an over growth of Candida Albicans. The Candida caused yeast infections, fuzzy thoughts, indigestion, bad breath, and difficulty focusing her brain among other problems. I suggested that Jenny get a copy of “The Zone” by Barry Sears that would explain to her about high Glycemic foods and give her recipes. She could learn to take better care of herself.
I asked her if she was ready to take that step. Was she ready to love herself that much I asked?

Sam was visibly beside himself. His energy body was leaning out to the right side of his physical body. What pushed his energy body to the right side and why?

I saw that Sam too had a tenancy to eat poor quality, what I call, “non food” substances or corporate food. Being a bachelor meant that Sam generally bought fast food from the grocery store or from a fast food restaurant. The general rule is to only eat foods where the list of ingredients is a few lines or less. Better yet, is to eat only fresh foods that aren’t packaged at all.

Sam was nodding his head in agreement as I relayed this information to him during our Skype session. He said he knew he wasn’t feeding himself right. I asked him if he was ready to make a commitment to his body. I asked him if he was ready to start taking better care of himself. I pointed out to him that his body was probably his closest and dearest friend. I explained that his body unconditionally loved him every second of everyday by pumping blood throughout his system without him ever having to ask. I asked him if he had ever thought of his body in that way. Had he ever placed a high enough value on his own body. Sam got quiet and then said he hadn’t.

Sam and Jenny were in their heads too much, thinking, processing, deciding, but they both needed to drop into their bodies fully to allow for needed self-awareness. They were out of balance with their diets and with their focus. When this happens we lose our way as human beings. We forget; we disconnect from our instincts in ways that other animals do not. Listen to your body; it knows what feels good and what doesn’t. To invite an energy body to stay anchored within, eat real food that nourishes you. Get enough sleep, water, stay tuned to your feelings, stay tuned in to your body!

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