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“Working with Lezah is supportive, safe, challenging and empowering. I develop strengths within myself that enable me to live a more creative, proactive lifestyle. I recommend Lezah wholeheartedly!”

JulieAshland, Oregon

The work we’ve done these last few months is more grounded than what I’ve experienced before. It’s what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for the gentle, honest, loving, lighthearted way you assist me. Thank you for your powerful insight, suggestions, and energetic sensitivity and healing.

Dana - Lincoln, Nebraska

Thank you for such an accurate, poignant and inspiring session. I have a lot to think about.

KaraGrand Rapids, Michigan

Lezah is a gifted healer. She gently and powerfully assists in unraveling and healing the twisted, knotted threads of my past. She sees and listens deeply; she offers respectful guidance. I am especially grateful for the help in building a strong relationship with myself and consequently with my teenage daughter.

Debbie - Taos, New Mexico

I have made more progress in one year working with Lezah than the last twenty trying to overcome consistent depression and other burdens. Our sessions are fascinating, meaningful, and deeply efficient. Lezah’s gift is to listen and guide me straight to the hidden heart of the matter. I am grateful to be growing once again.

Nikoletta - Santa Cruz, Ca

In Lezah’s sessions, I feel doors and windows opening; a fresh breeze of understanding flows into my mind and spirit. I gain increased awareness, guidance. The result of a session is having greater awareness of how to change my thought patterns, or issues. Her insights are instructive and essential to my personal growth.

Lynne - Savannah, Georgia

It was so great to connect clearly, quickly and easily throughout our session. Life feels better with my focus and freedom already. Thank you!

LauraKauai, Hawaii

Since our wonderful session I have been implementing some new helpful behaviors for myself. Today I sent myself a love note on email. I’m enjoying the idea of marrying myself first and then being a truly good friend to my feelings. Thank you so much for the awesome way you work!

Renee’ - Bellingham, Washington


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Honed Skills

I have been emotionally and visually intuitive since childhood. Sensing the feelings of others was then, and continues to be, second nature for me. Seeing pictures in my mind’s eye generally accompanies the sensing of those feelings.

Before walking home after elementary school was over, I checked into the etheric level for guidance. In my mind’s eye, an image would develop, an image of my mother resting in our living room on the couch. Then, after I probed for a while, a feeling would follow. The probing question was, is she happy or sad? When she was sad, I’d know to go to my girlfriend’s house to play.

Mom was frequently in that state of inertia, frustrated by her unhealed grievances, and resisting the discharge of her hopelessness, only left her with depression. While part of me wanted to rescue her, the bigger part knew I could not.

It wasn’t until after I had my two children, and while living in Alaska in the 1980’s, that my sensitivities took on a new visual dimension. One day while driving, I looked at the car next to me; to my surprise I saw what looked like the driver’s energy body falling backwards out of the physical body. I took this occurrence as a message, a message that the time had come for me to use my gifts to work with others. I had been managing a nutrition center in Eagle River Alaska and I was ready for a change. I began doing readings and healing sessions with friends first. I was fortunate to have friends willing to sit as long as 3 hours sometimes. However, they must have liked the sessions because they came back for more.

Another positive occurrence took place while living in Alaska. I learned about co-dependency in a book called, “Choicemaking: For Spirituality Seekers, Co-Dependents and Adult Children, by Sharon Wegscheider Cruse. It was a greatly appreciated eye-opener to learn that I was a co-dependent. I knew that I had weaknesses in my personality but I didn’t know any specifics until after reading that book. That same year, 1986, I moved my family to Santa Cruz California and entered into family of origin therapy. I worked with a wonderful woman, an MFCC, for 10 years nearly every week. In addition I worked the twelve steps, went to Coda (co-dependency) meetings as often in the week as I could, and took re-evaluation counseling classes developed by Harvey Jackins, in order to unload the old stagnant feelings that relentlessly surfaced. One might not think that working on my personality would have any affect on my intuition, my clairvoyance and clairsentience, but in fact it did have powerful, profound, far-reaching affects.

I found that the more emotional release work I did, the clearer more concise intuitive sessions I gave. I was better at knowing where my clients ended and I began, in other words, I no longer projected my material on them; my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings, were contained within me where they belong. This of course made for greater accuracy with each session. My intuitive skills were truly honed by that internal investigation, honed by the sorting through of my emotional baggage, and the discovery that my feelings were accurate, valuable, sources of energy, was a contradiction to my upbringing. As my self-esteem bloomed, my intuition flourished.

A new direction opened up for me after having focused attention on my internal healing through therapy and the above-mentioned modalities. I began to see other people’s suppressed feelings lodged within their bodies. I vividly saw clients with broken internal boundaries, non-existent boundaries, or boundaries that were too flexible. I could see energy cords connecting them to other people. Some of the energy cords had a loving frequency, they were a contributing force, while others were contaminating, and those were the cords I’d remove.

A 75-year-old man came to me for a session because he hadn’t cried since childhood. He had frozen feelings lodged within his body and energy field. He said he wanted to experience emotions. He wanted to feel more real, he felt that getting in touch with his feelings would give him that sense of reality and connect him with his humanity.

We worked for a short time, only 2 or 3 sessions. One day I received a telephone call from his daughter. She wanted to set up a session with the three of us. I learned from her that he’d been in the woods, crying finally for the first time in his life since childhood, when he had a stroke.

It left him without the ability to speak but he had more to say to his daughter, and he knew I could relay his messages to her. We had our session together, I told his daughter everything he wanted me to tell her and more. It was probably one of the most powerful sessions I’ve ever done. He passed on a few weeks later and appeared to me on an energy level. It was just an image of him, looking at me with a smile and lots of love.

Since then I have refined my skills even further, and I suspect that will go on until my demise. They’ve expanded into a rich visual world where I have energetic and emotional connections with my clients, friends, family and deceased ancestors.

Furthermore, as I age, and because I’m more comfortable with my gifts, I notice that my skills are increasing. As a child I only knew how to sense people’s feelings, but now I can often hear their thoughts, I can help them move unwanted energy, thoughts, or feelings, through their bodies and lives. I can see what their children are feeling, thinking, doing and why. My world is a bigger place now with these internal assets unleashed; they’re unleashed, free, yet directed at the core answers to questions that come my way. I am grateful!

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